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Make Your Relationship Effective | Matthew Hussey, GetTheGuy

The 4 Keys To Victory Inside Romantic Life…

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110 Replies to “The 4 Secrets To Success Inside Romantic Life…”

  • Wave


    19 seconds and right here I will be! cannot reveal exactly how excited truly personally too!

  • Elizabeth Mitchell

    1. Taking care of it Elizabeth, so many people tend to be striking site it really is reducing situations. But we are about it!

  • Hey Matt,

    I saw the video 2 times and cant look at link…?

    1. It is straight according to the movie, click the text in video clip box. inform me when you yourself have any dilemmas!

      1. We watched the video clip today on themanmyth and want to buy the programme. I favor in Austria and that can only pay with my debit card – how do I repeat this?

        Thanks A Lot!

        1. Hey Helena, for the time being you should quickly arranged a paypal membership because we have been getting all sales through the paypal system. It is very easy to perform. I do not want you to miss away! x

          1. Over. I am able to transfer the cash to my personal paypal membership the next day since their far too late now… wish it’ll work!

  • Kirsty barton


    Hi certainly are wanting I am one of the primary 200 Matt 🙂

    1. Expect you make it!! sooo want to deal with you in-person Kirsty!

  • Milly


    Hi, I wish to learn how to get a timid man to take the initiative 1st and how to tell him that I’m curious without carrying it out immediately as it may scare him off for some reason. Thank You.

    1. Follow the link under this movie, on that page i discuss it!

  • Getting excited about the action 🙂

    1. Anticipating being on it along with you Lorna!

    2. LOL the link doesnt work, anyone else having a problem????

      1. Checking it now for anyone who’s trying to cope. We’re attempting to see if it’s a problem on our conclusion or yours. Stay tuned! x

        1. Many thanks for helping with my code but now i have to get out…and wanted make 200 🙁 Humm, a spot for energy made ?! 🙂

          1. Hey Lorna, only sent you a message, inform me you’ve got it! x

    3. Leslie


      Thats my issue too Lorna, but i believe I already did scare him. I came across him looking at my personal butt two months ago therefore I attempted to make sure he understands once I got the nerve up it was ok, but In my opinion it frightened him.

  • Amanda


    Hope this really is readily available afterwards.

  • Donna


  • Lynne McAuley


    Having a problem with the hyperlink.

    1. Provides it began functioning but Lynne?

  • The button’s unavailable at the conclusion of the video clip whenever enjoying on my iPhone. How to register?

      1. Thnx when it comes down to answer Matthew! Regrettably the three arrows regarding final display associated with the video point right down to a vacant white space without a hyperlink, option to click, etc. I’m confused. Sorry. We undoubtedly desire to sign up though!

          1. The website link right to your order page worked. Thanks a lot!

  • Alice


    Where’s the website link? :0 you’ll find nothing in video clip

    1. Hey Alice click the text that claims “click the link to change your sex life forever”

  • Annabelle


    Best ways to become the 200?

    1. Obtain in now! Best of luck! x

  • Hellena Charilaou


    Oh Gee! I can’t click on the particular link!!!

    1. Maybe you have had any further fortune? Inform me what the specific issue is and I also’ll get my team to appear into it!

  • Matt …we want to bet the most important 200 …..i must say i pray i might end up being. Omg … how I really genuinely wish to end up being heard. Their 1.23 am here today in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia I am also probably going to be conscious to hold back and discover what goes on UP COMING.


  • Jade


    We cant find the link. We hold finding yourself because of the “exactly why he could be a player…”video

  • No video clip, but there’s a hyperlink but there is nothing taking place! already been attempting for the past 28 mins 🙁

  • jennifer


    nonetheless cannot begin to see the link.

    there clearly was a type of text but there’s no back link 🙁

  • Emily E


    Hey Matt,

    We clicked in “visit this to change your relationship forever” plus it does not let me select it to transfer me to a separate location, it is simply like simply clicking picture or terms that has been entered. Best ways to get it work?

    Many Thanks 🙂

  • I am at the job right now, as I’m in south usa I could take my personal lunchtime today to watch the video… however it got stucked in the centre, its a pity!

  • Eileen Fowler


    Hi Matthew clicked on back link. Stated the delay is finished. Exactly what do i really do now am we about record. Eileen

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